<transcy>Flowers mask not for medical use</transcy>

Flowers mask not for medical use

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Mask printed in an exclusive design not for medical use.

Made in exclusive patterns, they coordinate with our garments, becoming a unique accessory.

Our masks are double, reversible and can be washed over and over again in the washing machine.

In super thin polyester micro-fiber, they do not need a filter, because the ultra-compact weave of the fabric does not allow spills.

Being reusable, they combine the aesthetic side with the advantage of not creating the problem of disposal.

The mask, as everyone knows, must be subjected to a simple test: to try blowing with the mask on, to put out the flame of a lighter. If it does not go out, it is evident that the air cannot escape.

The elastics are tubular and very soft

Composition: 100% polyester

Wash: by hand at 60 ° or in the washing machine